In recent years the transportation industry has become increasingly vulnerable to security risks. One of the greatest challenges is to protect train stations, where the rail industry faces a crucial need to guard passengers, employees, goods, infrastructure, and assets against possible threats. Train stations comprise diverse outdoor and indoor facilities such as tracks, underground passageways, bicycle and car parking areas, buildings, luggage storage facilities, and parked railway cars and engines. They therefore face daunting security issues which lead to the following security, safety and communication challenges such as:
Preventing or responding to diverse acts of terrorism such as bomb threats, suicide attacks and harm.
Dealing with fire and explosion risks associated with the on-site storage of flammable liquids
Identifying and checking abandoned luggage
Managing a wide variety of different access authorizations
Evacuating in a timely and efficient manner
Solutions from Pogo Security Systems help train stations to manage these security, safety, and communication challenges.
An IP-based access control system from Pogo is ideal for preventing unauthorized individuals from entering restricted areas such as maintenance facilities, ticket offices, mailrooms and luggage storage areas. It supports a large range of readers as well as biometric solutions to meet strict security requirements. Together with video surveillance, this makes it possible to capture and record all access events. Violations automatically trigger an alarm so immediate action can be taken to deal with the situation.