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Protect Your Retail Store with these Three Tools

Security equipment can be installed to any specific functionality required for a retail store. Those new to security technology may feel overwhelmed by the wide variety of options in choosing protection for their business.  With so many choices in security cameras, keypad systems, light and window automation, and electronic article surveillance technology, the options are endless.  Start with these simple tools to protect your business now.  Your consultant or brand representative can inform you, as you move through the process, of additional advanced features which might be a customization you require.

CCTV Security cameras are a go-to in the industry.  For decades, video surveillance has been known as a way to reduce theft and other violent activity.  It is only natural for a human to catch a reflection of himself on a television monitor; that’s why we often stop and look when we catch a glimpse of ourselves on the screen.  Then it clicks:  I’m being recorded in this store.  Criminals may be hesitant to even try knowing this.  If they are so bold to steal your product, you have the video evidence to prosecute according to your policy and the law.

Security camera packages come in options to meet the size and budget of your business.  You can order as few as one as many as needed to offer full, 24/7 surveillance.  The recording quality can be increased with certain, premium cameras and upgrades.  Remote viewing is also possible.  Some cameras record in the dark with night vision.  Some include audio recording as well. You will need to review the features of the camera systems and determine which will protect your business best.

Consider Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) technology for your business.  This technology tags your product and issues alerts for violation of the perimeter.  If someone tries to leave the store, an alert is issued to a security team or by Sound System.

Various types of systems work and will be dependent on your business needs.  Some businesses want consumers to be aware that product is protected with a visual.  These stores use hard tags.  These tags are attached to the product and activate the alarm, discreetly or not, if the tag attempts to breech the exit.  This is popular in big box retail so that customers know an alarm will sound if they attempt to steal an item, stopping shoplifters.  Other stores, however, prefer to keep this system discreet to broadcast a certain level of trust with customers, even if the devices are monitored.  This is quite popular in high end stores or for an item that would not take a hard tag attachment.  These devices, usually flush labels, are deactivated in the sales process.  Either choice adds a layer of protection to your store.

Access control systems are one of the most popular security features added to businesses today.  Keypads allow owners and managers to secure and control access to their facility.  It keeps records of every time a PIN is used to arm and disarm the system.  Some installations allow for maintenance of various codes, so you can verify who disarmed the system and when.  Beyond the standard keypad technology, systems now allow access through various biometrics such as thumbprints or facial recognition.  Advanced technology generally costs more, but many customers consider the cost worth it for the protection they receive in return.  We have come a long way since the first days of burglar alarm systems.

Ask your consultant about what other safety features your business may need.  Make a list of your concerns to share with the consultant, and you will be able to explore the available solutions for short term and long-term risk management.

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