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Protect your Recreation Business with Additional Security Measures

Recreation centers take shape and form in park districts, community centers, hospitals, gyms, fitness center, schools, churches – wherever people congregate in a public place to take on fun.  Even baseball stadiums, pool halls, swimming pools, and bowling alleys are considered recreation centers.  These types of businesses and agencies require different types of security as compared to your average home, store, or business.

Entry points and exists need to be monitored.  Assigning security to monitor entrances and exits is an important part of any agency safety plan.  Staff can monitor this and respond to any issue, yet a video surveillance system and access controls system can add layers of protection.  If every person who enters and exists is recorded, you team knows who is in your facility and for how long.  In the cases of missing children, damaged property, or emergency medical events, this information can be especially critical.  In recreation agencies where children participate in activities, there is a higher demand for accountability on who is entering the facility.

Secure your facilities when closed.  Recreation agencies are designed to be fun places, and sometimes this means that people want to return or enter when it is closed.  Some recreation employees have fond memories of a time they “broke into” a recreation center to play basketball after hours, for example.  Even if it was in good fun, breaking and entering is hardly a victim less crime, especially if property is damaged, somebody is injured, or equipment goes missing.  Access Control Systems give a degree of accountability, notifying you and authorities if someone without access attempts to enter the premises.  Even in the case of a rogue employing enjoying the facility when it is supposed to be closed means employers have a log of when access was granted.  For facilities that have valuable equipment or that can be particularly dangerous, like a swimming pool, access control is a critical tool.  Security technology today allows for access via many methods including key codes, finger prints, and identification cards.  Check with the Pogo Security team to see which option will fit best with your agency’s needs and budgets.

Video surveillance is key.  Video surveillance provides more protection to recreation-based venues where unexpected events are bound to happen.  People participating in recreation activities may be more likely to damage equipment or hurt themselves.  Video surveillance provides the insight on how to these events occurred so that the correct parties are held responsible.  For those in need for security for outdoor venues like skateparks, swimming pools, and soccer fields, this footage is especially valuable if somebody accesses your property outside of operating hours.

Recreation-based agencies often work to mitigate risk by posting rules, performing safety evaluations, and collecting signed waivers.  They can further reduce risk by taking the security of their facilities seriously.  Those in Florida are encouraged to contact Pogo Security as the specialist who understands these unique needs and has affordable solutions to meet them.

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