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Positioning of CCTV Cameras System in Commercial Buildings

Security cameras system

Installation of CCTV camera systems on commercial premises is a key business security measure to prevent theft and vandalism throughout the year. CCTV surveillance cameras system supplemented by remote monitoring services give further peace of mind because they enable businesses to focus on their productivity, goods, and services, without having to worry about the goings-on outside the office, day or night.

Given the fact, positioning of CCTV camera system requires some careful consideration. 

In order to place your security camera placement around your property, external location or business premises, follow CCTV camera placement guidelines here below. 

Reception Area

Being a high-traffic area with people regularly entering and leaving during business hours, a reception area is definitely an important area in your commercial property. The street-facing reception area is also likely to be the most common area for trespassers who can attempt forced entry to the premises. If you install a security camera there, you can stay up to date with customers and staff using the area as a walk-through and be able to pick out the unrecognized visitors or people who are acting unusually.


Keeping watch on people who enter and exit the premises can be resource-intensive. You can position a surveillance cameras system at the entrance and exit door and that will offer easier tracking of those people entering and exiting your premises, along with a clear view of people’s faces. CCTV cameras at the business entrance can make people aware they are under observation, thereby lowering the likelihood of someone trespassing on your property or causing damage to it. 


Storage room is common in every business. Sensitive documents are housed there, or products are stored there ready for distribution. A storage room is very important to manage the hierarchy of the company. That’s why access for certain employees needs to be restricted in some cases. By positioning the CCTV cameras system at the door to this room, you can keep watch on all activities at and around this restricted area and ensure your peace of mind about the security of the vital documents or sensitive articles. 

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