Facts about Home Automation

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Facts about Home Automation


What Is Home Automation?

lers and automated computers make the control possible.It’s a system in which homeowners use high-tech devices to control their appliances, lightings, doors, etc. Its simplest application is the use of remote control to turn appliances and lights on and off.

Throughout the years following its development, it has become more popular, and many people have adapted the system to their own homes. It also became more affordable and simpler with the use of smart phones and other handy devices.Complex micro-control

Some Applications of Home Automation

  • Access Control

In lieu of keys and locks, automated access control can make your home more secured. It can be a device that reads fingerprints or key cards to permit entrance to your home. When the device cannot read the fingerprint or card, it will trigger an alarm that will warn you of possible intruders.

  • Light Control

Light control includes a motion sensor which enables light to automatically turn on as you enter the room and go off as you leave.

  • HVAC System

Automation can be applied on your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning appliances. The system lets you control the level of temperature in your home to enhance your level of comfort.

  • Fire Protection

An alarm will ring when the device detects fire to warn you of an emergency. The other automated appliances will also be turned off.

  • Video Surveillance

This helps homeowners to monitor their house whenever they’re away. It is also convenient for parents who need to look after their children, especially the babies.