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PBX & VOIP Systems


Why You Need VOIP PBX?

POGO Systems implements the telephone system requirements in the office, especially:

  • routing inbound calls to the right person,

  • placing outbound calls from office users,

  • recording messages, calls or announcements,

  • transferring calls, playing music while calls are on hold and numerous other features.

POGO Systems can easily deploy your next PBX VOIP on a servers running popular operating systems like Microsoft Windows, several Linux distributions or MacOS. This gives customers the possibility to run their favorite operating system, eliminating additional training and operations cost.

It supports VoIP phones that use the SIP protocol. In order to terminate calls into the public telephone network, it can be connected to PSTN gateway hardware and SIP service providers.

Extensive Mobility Support

Users may use SIP desktop phones, cordless phones, soft phones on PC, tablets or smart phones or standard cell phones. In addition to registering SIP VoIP phones, users may use their cell phones to receive calls through the public telephone network. This eliminates the need to install apps on the cell phones and data connectivity. The extensive cell phone support makes it possible for your company to use the system practically from anywhere.

POGO PBX VOIP Systems also supports home office with broadband Internet access and road office better though its far-end NAT traversal support. When exposing VOIP to the public Internet, an automatic and effective fraud detection and defense mechanism makes Internet mobility possible. Scripts that are trying to gain access to your system will have a hard time getting anything out from your PBX, while users can enjoy the mobility that makes VoIP so productive in today's world.





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