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Paging system- An easy and effective way to communicate

Paging system

It is a very interesting thing. Everyone who owns a house knows about Intercom systems but very few know about pager.

The paging system is one of the easiest and the simplest ways to communicate inside a limited area. We do not require cell phones to communicate with the people who are inside the range of the pager system. These are most effective in workplaces.

For commercial use, this is a great system as you can easily communicate with employees and co-workers within the range with the help of this amazing and simple system. Places, where this kind of system is mostly seen, are hospitals, restaurants, corporate offices, and many more.

The different types of pager systems

There are several types of pagers. First, there are a total of two different pager systems and they are the automatic pager systems and a manual pager system. Both these two systems of paging are efficient. These two systems can do three different forms of communication. The three different forms of communications done by these two types of pager systems are as follows:

Alert-only messaging– This system simply beeps or buzzer to alert the users.  Alert-only system is only often seen in churches, restaurants, etc.

Numeric messaging– This system shows a number or code to call for if desired with a secret meaning to the users.

Alphanumeric messaging– This system acts as a one-way and two-way system. The one-way system allows the user to send texts and the two-way system allows the users to respond.

The efficiency in these systems

This is a very efficient form of communication because it is cheap and is good enough to convey the message that you want to send to a person about your work. The only limitation is that it works only in a specific range which depends on the device of the system. Most of the pager systems used nowadays have an in-built sound system in them. Whenever a message is sent, then the pager will cause a beep sound making the user aware that someone is trying to communicate with them.

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