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One Tool that Will Help You Catch Liars and Cheaters in the Act

Security cameras commercial and residential Florida

We often think of using security cameras, commercial and residential, in Florida to catch criminals who steal.  But what about other acts of deception?

The truth is that we can’t combat what’s caught on camera.  Once the evidence is on tape, there it is.  Although we often imagine that our family members or employees would never lie to us, we know better.  People cheat and lie (and steal).  Sometimes the only way to catch them is with security cameras. 

This article provides three unique cases.

  1. Catching a cheating partner in the act.  If what your partner does and says never seems to add up, you may get the feeling something is amiss.  For example, maybe your partner seems to always end up at home alone due to sudden changes in plans.  Perhaps you have found some incriminating evidence in the trash or clothing that doesn’t have any reason to be in your home.  Well, if you have a security camera, you might be able to do a little sleuthing to find out the truth.  If you find your partner coming into the house with somebody you don’t recognize, they be entertaining somebody else when you’re not around.  The choice of what to do with that information is yours. 
  2. Kids lie, too.  Raising teenagers is a veritable challenge.  They say they are one place and turn up in another.  They tell you they’re at home doing homework but they’ve really gone off with some friends for adolescent mischief.  No more lies.  When you call your child and ask if they are home, you will know the truth if you have security cameras.
  3. Employee deception.  Employees do not always have the business’ best interest at heart.  In fact, some employees downright steal from their employer.  They could steal cash from the register.  They might steal time by lying about when they arrived or left, hoping to “milk the clock” to get a few extra hours on their next paycheck.  As an employer, you do not have to tolerate this kind of behavior (and you shouldn’t).  Instead, use the documented evidence, thanks to your security camera, to inform the employee of what you have witnessed.

The truth is that we like to believe people are good at heart.  Yet, so many people today are willing to cheat, lie, and steal for their own benefit.  It is so sad.  Rather than accept it, we can combat it.  When you install Security cameras commercial and residential Florida on your property, you can get to the bottom of things to find the truth.  Use that evidence to hold everybody accountable.

Remember, the truth hurts.  In our opinion, though, it is better to know.

Security cameras commercial and residential Florida come in a variety of options.  Contact POGO Security for more information on what equipment is within your budget.

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