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Night Vision Helps You See the Light on CCTV Surveillance

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When it comes to the complicated market of security cameras, commercial and residential, you will see that there are a lot of features to consider paying for when buying equipment.  Different resolutions.  Digital. Analog.  Secure connections.  360-degree views.  Night vision.  All of these features have an impact on the ability to record using CCTV (Closed-circuit television) devices.  However, night vision, is one that few people really understand.  We know that we can “see in the dark,” but how does it work?

The short answer is infrared (IR) technology.  Night vision cameras work thanks to a series of small LEDs around the camera.  These blubs project infrared light in the dark, giving the camera the ability to “see” in the dead of night.

We can’t see this light because the waves are outside the spectrum of human vision.  Burglars can’t see it either.  But when the CCTV sees them lurking in the background, you better believe the systems that record a property take notice.  Basically, a night vision camera emits lights that can’t be seen by humans, but it can be recorded by the camera. 

One drawback of this technology is that it is very difficult to record in color.  For this reason, the night vision feature often records in what looks monochromatic tones.  Color cameras switch modes to better record in darkness.

Did you know that this infrared light can cut through smoke, dust, and fog?  This means that even in cloudy environments, the camera can perform well.

To know if a camera can record in the dark, check its lux figure.  This number tells you how much light the camera needs to record.  The lower the number, the less light it needs.  The best night vision offers 0.0 for this number.

You can count the number of LEDs surrounding the camera as well.  There is little need to overinvest, though.  If you are only recording your house door, you need less than if you need to monitor an entire building or outdoor property. 

In the confusing market of security cameras, commercial and residential, in Florida, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the vast array of choices out there.  If you want to learn more about night vision options, give a professional a call.

This technology is more than cool.  It saves lives.  It can be used by firefighter and pilots.  It can also be used to keep your business and home safe at night or in times of darkness (like if the power goes out).  This is great technology for businesses that not open twenty-four hours a day.

Night vision cameras are great for businesses and homeowners.  Another option is to install motion detecting lights that activate when there is movement.  This can help you better monitor a property as well.

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