Monitoring Services



Monitoring Services

Monitoring Solutions for Residence

POGO Security has monitoring solutions designed to fit any and all of your security needs. Are you concerned about your family’s security? Do you worry about the safety of your home when you’re not able to be there? Our monitoring packages will bring you peace of mind knowing that your property is protected by trained, SIA certified alarm operators ensuring your family is protected by the best in the business. Rely on us to be there every hour…every day.


Monitoring Solutions for Commercial

Protecting your valuable investment is critical and we can help. From basic alarm monitoring to “traffic count” (how many people come into your store), POGO Security provides an assortment of security solutions for your business at a lower cost. We help your bottom line by saving you money while providing you the best service in the business.

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Top Benefits of Alarm Monitoring Service

Most modern homes today install alarm systems to protect their home, property and family. This is also true of businesses, where they are often combined with access control systems. Many people are today choosing to opt for more high tech alarm monitoring services. As compared to the sound only alarm systems, these also produce remote signals that can be communicated to the alarm company, the concerned authorities as well the home or business owner. The alarm can also be linked up with a smart phone to transmit video evidence of the property in question. This kind of system can provide many benefits for home and business owners. Here are just a few:


This is of course the top benefit of this kind of system. Depending on the level of security that is required, the alarm signals can be sent to the owner, specified and designated persons and the local authorities such as the firemen or police. The alarm signals are always sent to the company as well and in any case, they contact the owner or the police if there is no response. They can share the monitoring services with the owner as well if they so wish it. The ‘signals’ themselves can vary from just an alarm to a more sophisticated video and/or audio link. Moreover, the mere sight of the surveillance and security systems can often end up deterring burglars and intruders.

Peace of Mind

Having a monitoring system means that business and home owners need not worry about their property even when they are thousands of miles away. Whether it is a relaxing vacation, a business trip or day’s picnic, they can leave all their worries behind, knowing their property is being safely monitored by reliable systems. Moreover the system is completely self-sufficient; in case of low battery or malfunctions, it sends signals to the company who then fix up an appointment to fix it. Once installed, the system functions independently and the owner has that extra level of security that saves them a lot of worry. For business owners, this feature comes in useful at night, especially when there are precious and/or sensitive goods, data or properties that have to be protected.

Money Saving

This is also a very useful money saving service. Most companies give quite a huge discount on the installation of the alarm itself as they hope to retain a long term customer for their monitoring services. Insurance companies also give lower rates to houses that have high tech systems installed and in fact, many may insist on having monitoring services for the property. Of course, this is also a preemptive strike as the losses in case of burglary, theft or arson would be huge and this system helps to prevent that.

Alarm Monitoring Services

Pogo Security provides the best alarm monitoring services for both residential as well as commercial properties. Their systems are high tech, top quality and reasonably priced and they are known to offer excellent customer service as well.




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