Security systems for prisons Security is a vital asset at any penal institution. However, prison security systems vary widely, based on the security levels and size of the institutions. For a security system that meets specific environmental security needs, prison managers should turn to Pogo, a trusted leader in security solutions for more than two decades.
We have a strong background in providing security systems to prisons of all scales and security levels. Pogo offer state-of-the-art CCTV solutions for visual surveillance of perimeters and interiors. We also offer access control solutions to ensure that only authorized individuals can gain access to the facility or select areas within it. Our security systems can detect suspicious activity or movement, and also safeguard against fire, smoke, and other hazards.
At Pogo, we can provide IT integration services to link all security systems for centralized monitoring by trained security teams within your prison facility. If you prefer to outsource monitoring, or supplement your on-site security management, Pogo can also provide managed services to keep a watchful eye on your facility and aid in prompt responses to any security threats.
Pogo has more than two decades of experience providing security systems and services to top-name organizations in multiple industries, such as financial services and healthcare security systems, along with prison security systems. We can consult with you upfront to gain full understanding of your environment and needs and then design and implement the right solution for your facility. When you need a proven security partner to create a safe and secure environment at an institution, you can trust the skilled security professionals at Pogo.