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How to Avoid Becoming Another Home Burglary Statistic

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It is not something many people like to admit, but crime never stops.  We hear about crime all over the world and in our back yards, sometimes literally.  From social media posts to local news broadcasts, even the newspaper and neighborhood gossip, the revelation that crime occurs near us can be shocking.  Theft, vandalism, or worse – nobody wants to be a victim of these occurrences.

To avoid becoming a victim, there are several steps people can take.  Think about your home security and how much you can put toward investing in your family’s and home’s security.   Some work is easy, like locking your doors at all times.  Many people leave their doors unlocked, even when they are not home!  It is worth the extra ten seconds of using a key to lock or unlock a door if it means that thieves do not have easy access to your home.  The same goes for windows.  People can trust their friends, family, and neighbors, sometimes too much.  Do not make things easier for a thief, lock windows, garage doors, and cars.  If your car has an alarm feature, use it!

What other options does the homeowner have when it comes to security?  There are two go-to recommendations that come to mind: burglar alarm systems and home video security cameras via closed-circuit television monitoring otherwise known as CCTV.  Security Cameras in Pinecrest are becoming quite popular.

The burglar alarm system is a tool with which many people are familiar but not enough people use.  Some families even have these devices in their homes and fail to take advantage of it!  Imagine the embarrassment of suffering a home robbery when you have a burglar alarm system installed and are too lazy to use it. If your property does not have one, research firms that can install one for you.  The systems are available at a range of price points, each with different features and applications.  For example, the most basic system emits a loud sound when the perimeter of the home is broken.  More advanced models can be set to notify the police department of a break in or send notifications of any changes to a mobile device.  Smoke detectors can be wired into the device to alert the fire department of any incidents.  Even carbon monoxide detectors can be hooked up to a burglar alarm system.  These luxuries do not have to cost a lot of money either.  As technology advances, many features that were considered high-tech and expensive a decade ago are now more or less standard functions.

Another choice is CCTV, or as known in Miami Lakes, security cameras. By recording your property, you can be sure that if any crime does occur, you will have the evidence required to serve justice.  People enjoy the peace of mind when they can see who arrives at their house via a mobile application that shows the footage.

Home security offers a variety of ways to protect a property.  With the future of home automatic, and home security, different technologies can work together to safeguard your family and lower the chances of becoming another statistic due to violence, crime, theft, or even fire.

When you are ready to talk home security, call the professionals at POGO Security today.  A representative will help you select the best security equipment for your Florida home.

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