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How Electronic Article Surveillance Works to Protect Your Retail Business

What is an EAS System?

Electronic article surveillance systems work in conjunction with antennas installed at store exits. Hard tags or labels are attached to important articles in the store and then detached at the time of purchase. If someone attempts to cross the antenna system with a tag in hand, the system alerts security – either through a silent notification or with lights and sound. The detection antennas work by sending electromagnetic energy which can be interrupted when the hard tag or label causes a short signal which is then noticed by the system and causes the alarm to sound.
Hard tags and labels do not contain transmitters. They simply interrupt the electromagnetic field of the system installed at the entrance or exit of the store’s perimeter. Electric current is not generated all the time, though. It is only generated when the tag activates the system.

Various electromagnetic frequencies are used for anti theft detection. EAS systems come in two types: the EM type (electromagnetic) and AM type (acoustic-magnetic). Both use low or intermediate electromagnetic frequencies. Another system, the RF type, works on radio frequencies. EM labels are quite common in libraries. AM labels are often put on clothing. AM labels can be pricier, so they are often used on inventory that is worth tagging. RF systems are often used in supermarkets and grocery stores.

What do EAS tags do?

EAS tags can be very effective in deterring would be criminals from removing product from a store. Shopping lifting, unfortunately, is a reality that many retailers face today. Electronic Article Surveillance in Florida, for example, is quite popular due to a relatively high incidence of theft in shopping malls and at stores. However, when those who might consider stealing notice the tags and system in place, they often drop the idea. They instead look for an easier target.

Security in retail is serious business. Beyond EAS technology, businesses can consider a variety of technology solutions. These solutions work together to reduce risk and crime in your business. For example, Closed Circuit Television security (CCTV) allows security staff to review the activities that occur on the premises in real time. Like EAS, it can persuade would-be thieves not to take anything without paying for it. Burglar alarm systems can protect the property when the store is closed as well.

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