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How Dolby Atmos Feature Help In Redefining Your Home Theater?

Having a dedicated room with the advanced Home Theater System is a dream for many people today. Especially if they have smart home automation built in, having a home theater enhances the quality of living.

With this said, the Home Theater system requires specific gadgets and features, which will improvise the quality of watching or experiencing what the standard today is. Imagine watching a Sci-Fi or Super Hero movie, which has some of the advanced graphics today with superb detailing. Watching all these on a regular Home Theater will not be anything worth calling an experience.

Instead, if you invest in gadgets and speakers backed with Dolby Atmos Feature, you can rest assure for having a memorable ride in the world of best movie experience overall.

Performance of Dolby Atmos

If you are aware of Dolby, one of the audio giants in the sound industry has come up with the technology in the year 2012. Unlike their previous masterpiece, the Dolby Digital, the objective of the feature is to provide 3D sound effects. Many of you might have seen 3D movies with regular digital sound and may feel satisfied to a point. Try watching the same with Dolby Atmos sound, which assures taking you to the more realistic world.

Systems Required

Dolby Atmos feature is supported in all speaker modes, which supports 5.1 channels or more. The technology comes with five different speakers set across your Home Theater Systems. Installation of the same is done in such a professional way, where you can get the best sound experience, sitting from a particular distance.

Unlike regular 5.1 settings with Dolby Digital technology, Dolby Atmos, on the other hand, supports two in-ceiling speakers, which gives sound waves coming from the top of the room. This comes apart from regular subwoofers, which are designed to cater to low-frequency sound. One may question the uniqueness of the same, but in the end, the answer for the query is responded by what is called as 3D surround.

Peak of Performance

Dolby Atmos performs to give 3D surround sound experience. The feeling of separate sound waves appearing, having a definitive effect and modulations enhances the experience of watching a movie in a Home Theater Systems. Even for homes where ceiling attachment is not possible, Dolby has recommended with upward directing Atmos speaker, just above the rear left and right speaker. This will redirect the 3D feel coming from the upward direction

Final Thoughts

Dolby Atmos feature is enabled in numerous 5.1 systems today. The installation of these Home Theater Systems with the feature requires experts, who can understand the overall ambiance of the room and can analyze the performance. Pogo Security offers professional home theater services, backed with the advanced Dolby Atmos feature.

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