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How CCTV Boosts Home and Business Security


If you regularly watch the news, there probably won’t be many days when CCTV isn’t mentioned in the daily news update. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), also referred to as video surveillance, has grown incredibly popular among businesses and homeowners over the years. And it’s easy to understand why given that CCTV security systems offer a great deal of peace of mind when used as a backup to a back-to-base alarm.

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When installed properly and with cameras positioned thoughtfully, any good high-resolution CCTV system should be able to:

Keep an eye on any exposed or remote entrances.

When incidents do occur, record them on high-quality video so that the footage can later be used to assist the police in solving any crimes that may have occurred there. Simply by being installed, deter thieves. Believe us when we say that thieves carefully investigate potential targets before acting opportunistically. A Security Camera can act as a powerful preventative measure.

CCTV and domestic use

Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could keep an eye on your house even when no one else is home or you aren’t there? CCTV offers continuous recording, so you can easily check in on your house at any time (imagine being able to make sure your teenagers aren’t partying while you’re away for that well-deserved vacation — pretty handy, right?).

CCTV and business use

CCTV is incredibly adaptable when it comes to businesses. Of course, there is the security aspect, which entails that your location is constantly being watched, even when it is closed. Additionally, CCTV enables business owners to monitor customer and employee behavior to make sure that nothing suspicious is occurring.

Our team at Pogo Security can create and install the ideal CCTV system based on your requirements and financial constraints. To get things started, get in touch with us today at 1800-764-6369.

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