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How Can Burglar Alarms Reduce Your Home Insurance?

How Can Burglar Alarms Reduce Your Home Insurance?

Security systems are critical for safeguarding your property and finances. Investing in good Burglar Alarm System Florida, such as those provided by Pogo Security, can help you save money on your home insurance.

How Can Burglar Alarms Save You Money on Home Insurance?

Insurance companies want to know that you have done everything possible to secure your home and deter crime. Policies will differ, so it is best to shop around. However, in general, the better your security system, the better the deal you can get.

For obvious reasons, insurance companies do not want customers to leave their homes vulnerable to crime. Having a fully operational burglar alarm is an excellent way to reassure them that you are concerned about security.

You should be open and honest about your security measures. If you claim to have a Burglar Alarm System but do not, your policy may be voided and your claims may be denied. This also applies if you have a burglar alarm but it was not properly installed or functioning at the time of the crime.

Window and door lock security

Locking windows and doors is essential for property security. If you have faulty locks or windows with insufficient locking systems, your home insurance may be higher. This is due to the fact that you provide burglars with easy access through doors and windows.

Similarly, leaving windows and doors open is considered negligent and may result in your insurance claim being denied.


Safes are an excellent deterrent to criminals and are rarely broken into, so they will keep your valuables safe. Safes are also an excellent way to protect valuables in the event of a flood or fire.

CCTV Monitoring Systems

The camera never tells a lie! A CCTV system is an effective deterrent to crime. It is estimated that if adequate CCTV had been installed, up to 70% of burglaries would not have occurred.

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