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Home Security Cameras Capture Useful Footage During Extreme Incident

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Protecting a property is important to homeowners, but protecting the family inside remains even more important.  Threats to family occur in a variety of forms, ranging from natural disasters to the criminals who lurk the streets.  One suburban-family near Chicago experienced a neighborhood threat they never expected when a coyote approached their home in broad daylight.

A Tuesday, September 24, 2019 story on ABC7 Chicago’s website tells of a five-year-old girl who faced a brush with death when a coyote crossed her path.  The young girl had left her house unsupervised to check the mail.  She ventured through the lawn to her mailbox to see if a package she was awaiting had arrived; it hadn’t.  Then, she headed to a swing outside her home.  On the way, a coyote rushed toward her and she ran, screaming.  Luckily, she walked away unharmed.  The mother reported she heard the scream, and rushed the child inside to share her tale.  After reassuring the girl, “Her parents pulled up the home surveillance footage and sure enough, there it was,” according to the ABC7 report.  Neighbors claim that they have heard coyotes screaming nightly in the nearby woods. The security camera footage during extreme incident will fuel their fight for their local authorities to take measures, they said.

When this family chose to install home security cameras, the parents probably never guessed it would capture footage of their daughter outsmarting a coyote.  Usually homeowners install residential CCTV packages to combat crime in their neighborhood, fighting against theft and vandalism.  Perhaps someone’s illegal entry into the home could be used as evidence in court.  Although these events occur across Florida, CCTV Security Cameras can also catch light-hearted moments – like seeing an old friend at the door or that a baby racoon has been the one ripping up the garden.

In the case of the girl who fled a coyote, her family caught that dangerous moment on their home security camera system.  Thankfully the girl walked away unscathed, and the video serves as a memory and testament to the girl’s story.  With that footage, nobody can claim she’s “the girl who cried coyote.”  The proof is on camera as seen in the video footage presented in the ABC7 Report.

Families across Miami-Dade should consider investing in security camera packages, taking advantage of CCTV technology that even records in the dark using night vision functionality.  These cameras give families, peace of mind and a sense of security as they know what goes on around their home.  In the case of the Chicago-based family, it caught a once-in-a-lifetime incident that will be used to demand policy change in the community.

Closed-Circuit Television Security Cameras provide surveillance for commercial purposes in cities like West Palm Beach and Pinecrest.  Today, security cameras for the home feature advances in technology that making home protection easier than ever.  Using digital security cameras means the footage is accessible through internet and mobile applications, so you can check on your property from anywhere, at any time.  This tool is especially useful to know when children arrive home from school or while assuring everything is alright well on vacation.

From dangerous coyotes to suspicious criminals, CCTV catches it all on film.  Homeowners should highly consider investing in this private security technology to protect the families and homes.  To learn more, or to set up a consultation, contact the expert team at Pogo Security.

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