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Home CCTV Security Cameras Sometimes Catch Acts of Kindness

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Halloween has recently come and gone, and with it went stories of trick-or-treating.  In Chicago, snow fell across the city and suburbs, turning the spooky day filled with candy and goblins into a winter wonderland.  In another part of the country, in Maryland, one boy warmed the hearts of people across the nation with an act of kindness caught on film by a home security camera.

According to the November 1, 2019 Washington Post article entitled “A Halloween candy bowl was empty, so a young trick-or-treater shared his own stash with strangers” by Dana Hedgpeth, an eight year old boy came to a house where someone set out a bowl of candy where the home’s occupants expected each trick-or-treater to take a single piece.  When the boy arrived, the bowl was empty.

The article tells of what happened next: “The 24-second video shows Jackson quickly reaching into his own candy stash and pulling out two handfuls of treats to put into the bowl so other trick-or-treaters wouldn’t walk away empty-handed. His aunt responded, ‘Awww. That was really nice, Jackson.’”

The report states that the video “went viral” after the Hodges family shared the clip recorded by their home security camera.  Since being posted to Facebook, it has “been viewed 4 million times.”  The story explains that the family was able to watch live security camera footage thanks to their home security system which works like a CCTV Security System at stores.

CCTV Security Systems are designed to provide video surveillance of properties.  Families can protect themselves with real-time video surveillance technology. As in the case of the Maryland family, it can be watched to see who is visiting the house when nobody is home.   Night vision technology allows some cameras to record in the dark.  Other cameras are available with high-definition capability.  If this is too costly, some families pair simple home security camera devices with motion detection lighting for easy recording.

Florida families know that home security systems are an important part of protecting a home.  Family and property alike are vulnerable, especially on nights like Halloween which increases foot traffic in neighborhoods.  CCTV Video Camera Recording can deter criminals once they realize their actions are caught on camera.  Yet, at times, this technology captures moments of humanity’s kindness rather than crime.  As stated in the Washington Post article, Hodges comments, “[The boy] renewed the faith that there are still some good people out there.”

Beyond protecting your family from crime, you may just capture America’s next feel-good moment.  To learn more about the benefits of home security cameras in Miami, Miami Lakes, and Pinecrest, Florida, contact the trusted experts at Pogo Security.

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