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Home Automation Systems – Its Great for All Types of Properties

With the popularity of home automation products in houses across America, customers have been inquiring about full package installations and upgrades to their current systems – and not just for homes!  We have installed what some consider to be home automation packages in commercial buildings and in restaurants and hotels.  We encourage our customers to bring the comforts of home automation to any place they think it can benefit people.

Home Automation today includes many technologies.  Popular in Florida is the state-of-the-art home theatre system.  This system connects a video feature like a large screen television or projector to a custom sound system, one that can even be built into your space seamlessly.  The speakers are inconspicuously placed so that nobody even notices they’re there.  Other home automation installations include automatic shades, sound systems, and lighting systems.

The creative business leader can imagine uses for these products outside the home.  POGO security offers customized security and home automation installation solutions as well.  For commercial properties like schools, hospitals, office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, recreation centers, hotels, and restaurants, home theater installations can provide entertainment or access to professional tools for audio and visual display. Instead of watching old movies on a Saturday night, you may need hardware suited for an academic or business presentation.  Our equipment is perfect for classrooms and conference rooms.

In hospitality in particular, we are familiar with the needs of automated lighting and shades.  Automated lighting and shades provide security and privacy – they reveal and hide our locations based on our activities and schedules.  Many who have this product installed realize that there is an impact on their energy use as well.  Automatic shades and lighting can help control the building’s energy usage.

Another form automation exists to help on this front:  HVAC automation.  Instead of manually adjusting heating, air conditioning and ventilation, maintenance teams can set the systems to work automatically.  This means the air temperatures can be kept at different levels throughout the day depending on usage needs:  What is the weather like?  How many people are in the space?  This can be extremely helpful in reducing energy costs in Florida where we spend a lot of resources cooling commercial spaces as much as our homes.

When it comes to home automation system, residential and commercial grade products are available. We encourage you to keep in mind “comfort” and “convenience” while planning to install automated home services.  Many companies consider these installations when reevaluating their security systems needs as well.  POGO security’s team of consultants knows the market and its technology well, and we’re ready to help you find the right equipment for your needs.

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