Home Automation in Coral Gables

Pogo Security is the new revolutionary innovation of the smart world, providing intelligent technology for all your home automation needs in Coral Gables. Our automation systems are designed to impeccably adapt to your living and working environment, allowing you to manage and monitor the same from the comfort of your zone, in a simple and convenient fashion.

Our wide range of products allows you to automate your home/office, effortlessly and efficiently. We have been in business over years and so we guarantee that our experience will exceed your expectations. NO job is too big or small for us!i

Why Select us for Home Automation Service in Coral Gables?

A. Convenient

Control and monitor your home conveniently, with a simple touch, from anywhere.

B. Easy installation

We provide home automation devices that are easy to set up and use in Coral Gables. The installation process is hassle free.

C. Affordable

A secure home/office is what you need. Equip your home with best home automation systems without breaking the bank.

D. Retrofit

Pogo Security devices work in sync with your existing electrical connections. No additional wiring required. They fit inside your existing switchboards without any difficulty.

We believe in good customer service, all our products are highly durable to suit all your requirements from start to finish.

Ready to Buy or need to know more? Our experts are standing by; call us @ 1800-764-6369.