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Access Control Systems

Installing access control systems can benefit a wide range of industries. In many ways, an access control system can help to simplify building and network security systems. Because of their adaptability, access control systems can benefit any industry or property with security needs. Healthcare, government, education, business, and other industries can all benefit from increased security in different ways.

Below are just a few examples of how several common industries can incorporate access control systems into their work.


Access control systems can be used in a variety of ways in the healthcare industry. They can, for example, use these systems to adhere to HIPPA regulations regarding health data confidentiality. With enhanced access control, doctor’s offices, insurance companies, and hospitals ensure the security of their patient’s information. Access control system Coconut creek can also protect IT rooms and equipment racks from unauthorized access and safeguard physical files in examination rooms and expensive equipment like MRI machines.


Employees can be verified using access control systems when entering local or state government buildings. They can also restrict access to specific rooms, floors, or departments to keep confidential information safe. Some access control systems can also keep track of when and by whom certain areas are accessed, providing a record of access in the event that any information goes missing or is exposed.


Schools, especially large, sprawling universities, require multi-location security. With an Access control system installation Coconut creek, it is easier to keep students out of faculty areas and unauthorized individuals out of dorm buildings. Access control can also be used to protect science equipment and computer labs, as well as to record the entry and exit times of authorized individuals.


Key cards and access control systems are commonly thought to be necessary for large corporate buildings, but this technology can also benefit small and medium-sized businesses. Because access control is scalable to your needs, even small businesses can find solutions that fit their work size and budget.

When you select your access control system with knowledgeable professionals at Pogo Security, you can determine the best system for your security needs and design a system easy for you to use and understand.

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