Medical centers are under intense pressure to deliver higher standards of care to more people at a lower cost than ever before – and this requires a safe, absolutely reliable, and efficient supply of electric power. Virtually every piece of equipment in today’s hospital, from the bed in the patient’s room to the MRI in the radiology department, is powered by electricity. As a result, your ability to provide the best possible care to your patients, protect your investment in technology, and avoid costly and potentially disastrous disruptions of service means that your electrical system must be robust, redundant, and smart enough to ensure the steady flow of electric power.

To meet this challenge, you must:

  • Maximize the reliability and efficiency of your system, so that it delivers high-quality normal and emergency power at the lowest possible cost.
  • Install devices that raise the level of safety and, in particular, protect your employees and equipment from the explosive energy of an arc flash.
  • Find a partner with the depth of expertise, the resources, and the commitment to support you through the entire system lifecycle.

Hospitals have turned to Pogo to provide the electrical infrastructure that powers their facilities.   The reason today is the same as it was a century ago, the breadth of our offerings and our employee expertise.