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Great Thanksgiving Fun: Intercom Systems in Florida

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Around Thanksgiving, many families slow down and create traditions.  Without so much travel in the picture, we’re definitely going to be looking for ways to have a little more fun this Thanksgiving.  Intercom Systems in Florida might just be the answer.

You better bust out your ugly Thanksgiving sweater because that time of the year is just about here, folks!  What do you normally do for the big day?  Fry a turkey?  Watch the big came with a couple of cold beers?  Travel to an exotic destination?  This year, we’re sure the situation will be different for many of us who are not able to travel due to unfortunate pandemic restrictions.

You can use an intercom system to make new traditions for the whole family, though… here’s what we mean!

Florida Intercom Systems to Call the Family to Breakfast?

This isn’t the main reason people install an intercom system in their Florida home.  Most do it for security and communication.  The occasional call for a surprise breakfast never hurts, though!

You can choose a family recipe or pick one from the internet.  Wake up a little earlier than your family and get that breakfast started.  You could make a breakfast casserole, potato pancakes, or chilaquiles; even a fun cereal bar or fruit and yogurt could be a blast!  When you are ready, call the family down.  Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey! What a classic!

Have A Thanksgiving Parade

The Halloween fun doesn’t have to end just yet!  Use costumes or craft supplies to dress the whole family up as a float in a parade.  People really love this when the kids are young, but some families will go all out and really get into it this season no matter the age of the participants.  Mom can be Big Bird, floating through the sky.  The kids can be their favorite cartoons, soaring high above.  Dad?  Why not dress him up as Santa?  Or better yet, tell him to use your Florida Intercom System to play announcer with surround sound that echoes throughout the whole house!  Be sure to take pictures or video.  You’ll never want to forget the smiles.

Thanksgiving Ambiance with a Florida Intercom System

Play music for the big day.  Maybe you have a fancy family that enjoys a light classical touch during hors d’oeuvres.  Maybe you’re a rocker family that wants to listen to hard metal rock all throughout dinner.  We recommend some slow jazz if you don’t know what else to play.

Florida Intercom Systems Installed by People You Trust

When it comes to Florida Intercom Systems, you need to be smart about who you ask to do the installation.  You could ask sound people, and they may do alright.  However, we recommend security professionals.  Maybe a bundle (with security cameras and burglar alarm systems) makes sense. 

Throughout Florida, people are looking for ways to make new traditions.  To make them happen, install an intercom system now!

To learn your options, contact POGO Security today.

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