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Get the Right Access Control for Your Small Office

The modern office or work space has evolved and caters to all destinations globally. Hence, the office space also has to be open round the clock to allow the employees to work all day and all night. But getting a security guard for the same will be as necessary as getting a 24-hour CCTV camera surveillance. Besides these, you will also need to upgrade security to become automated. You will need to invest in access control system to allow employees to walk in and work safely at all times.

The Need for Access Control in Modern Offices

  • Better Time Management: There are methods for your HR Teams to take note of an employee walking in at any time of the day. All they have to do is check the log reports at the access displays.
  • Manage Work Hours Better: We all know of many employees taking far too many coffee breaks or ones lasting eternity. Small businesses will need to maximize output in minimum hours. They may have two people working round the shift but not get the output. This just directly reflects lax in their work hours.
  • Magnetic Stripe Card: These cards are easy to alter, and they are inexpensive for the entrepreneur considering it for his or her office. However, there are issues if the data or magnetic strip gets damaged. Various access controls use key fobs and which you can deactivate from remote areas. This is great for HR teams of small firms to grant permissions and even check the time when employees check in.
  • More Employee Reports: HR team can check on employees and see if they are on time regularly or not. They can generate employee reports and can schedule the next slot as per this only. Many firms also grant employees compulsory –off and other such benefits for workers who have to stretch their work hours in case of an emergency.
  • Helping Employees Work with Ease: Since employees these days, have to spend a lot more time on work, it makes sense to allow them easy entry all day. Their keys should be enough to let them walk into the office at night or on the day since they are just keen on working for you.

Contact and get these high-end security and access control systems from experts as Pogo Intelligent Security Systems makes sense. We have more than 15 years of experience and offer nationwide security solutions.

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