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Garages, Warehouses, and Bodegas Need CCTV for Around the Clock Security

commercial and residential properties

CCTV, or closed-circuit television, security is important for garages, warehouses, and bodegas.  Most people know to insure their belongings like their cars, homes, and other property.  The same goes for what we keep in storage, be it personal or business property.  In today’s world, where anything can happen, insurance is helpful in reducing risk.  Another way to reduce risk is to install adequate security measures such as barriers like fences and walls and to ensure access is secure.  Perhaps one of the most utilized tools in creating a secure environment is the implementation of CCTV security camera packages.  Commonly installed in Key Biscayne and Medley, Florida, CCTV cameras record the happenings on properties, providing twenty-four seven protection for commercial and residential properties.

Whereas people often think of CCTV security cameras being installed in high-end homes, casinos, and convenient stores, they are quite useful in storage-based environments as well.  They are especially helpful in facilities that are automated or unmanned part of the day.


People generally like to believe they can trust other people.  However, those who work in criminal justice, police, security, and law know better than anybody that not everybody is to be trusted.  Thieves and vandals commit crimes every day.  To protect your belongings, a CCTV package deters would-be criminals and helps in the conviction of them if they are so bold as to commit a crime that is caught on camera.  Garages house a variety of expensive equipment as well as peoples’ cars.  There is no room for error, let alone theft.

Warehouses and Bodegas

Warehouses are known to house all kinds of equipment, some of it quite valuable. Business owners want to protect their assets, and CCTV security cameras for Garages and Warehouses. As employees, visitors, contractors, and onlookers know they are being recorded, they should change their behavior accordingly. Warehouses are big places, so a one-man security team is rarely satisfactory – not to mention difficult to staff 24 hours a day. Some warehouses are expansive with dark corners, high shelves, and inadequate lighting. CCTV security cameras become the perfect solution to combat the lack of vigilance in such settings. By installing commercial grade, high-quality security cameras in these spaces, owners and managers can be sure their product is safe and that employees are doing as they supposed to.  Some cameras are available with night vision and full 360-mobility, so no spot goes uncovered.

Personal Storage Facilities

Businesses that store personal belongings for clients need to take advantage of CCTV security to provide peace of mind for their clients.  Many storage facilities are automated most or all of the time.  As customers enter and leave the facility, is important that there are records of the comings and goings.  CCTV will capture faces of drivers, license plates of cars, and whereabouts and activities of anybody on the premises.  If a crime or damage occurs at the facility, the owner or manager can pull footage to see who was on-site at the time, narrowing down the list of suspects so that the person responsible can be apprehended.

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