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Many customers get in touch with the POGO Security team unsure exactly of what they need or want.  That is definitely understandable because the range of security and home automation products available to the Florida market is expansive and somewhat overwhelming to those outside of the industry.  Luckily, our expert team at POGO Security is trained in the industry standards and know the available product backwards and forwards.

As part of commitment to creating safer communities, we enjoy educating consumers about their rights, options, and choices when it comes to security system installation in Florida.  We often start with the question of “access control.”  What is access control?  This important security concept names the idea of monitoring who has access to your home, building, or property.  An obvious component of access is control is locks and keys – yet, this age-old tool isn’t foolproof.  Keys get lost or stolen over time, leaving your property vulnerable to additional security risks.

Rather than depend on keys which may require new sets or replacement over time, we encourage clients to consider electronic access control which is more convenient and efficient in protecting your property and assets.  You may know this technology in the format of key fobs or magnetic ID cards that give electronic access to doors.  If someone loses a “token,” the way to access the location, the item can be disabled so it no longer grants access either entirely or to the unique identifier.  This is particularly useful in businesses that grant different levels of access to various employees.  Each employee only is able to use his token to enter areas needed for the completion of his daily responsibilities.  Another way to enter a secure location is via a PIN.  PINs can be changed and updated at various points to offer a heightened level of security.

Access Control Systems with pins or tokens can even be designed to offer a record of who entered a specific location at a given time.  In the event of foul play, managers can review a listing of who entered a property and know when they did so.  For example, if someone steals inventory, the access control system can inform you of who was perhaps last to enter or was present at that time.  Many businesses, and even some homeowners, choose to pair electronic access control systems with CCTV security systems and automated lighting systems to gain full control of their premises’ security.

POGO Security knows that businesses of all sizes have different needs and budgets.  We prioritize this understanding to assist business and homeowners find the equipment that works for them.  Get in touch with us today so that our POGO Security team can assist in your reviewing the various product available in Florida.  As a local company, we are experts in availability as well as local codes and laws, so you will be sure what you chose for your company is readily available and within industry and local standards.

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