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Four Home Security Technologies we Promote in October

Miami Lakes Security Cameras to CCTV in Medley, Florida

Trick-or-treat.  Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat.  If you don’t, we don’t care, we’ll still provide you excellent home security equipment services at affordable rates because we believe in treats – not tricks!

There are so many items on the security market today in Florida.  From Miami Lakes Security Cameras to CCTV in Medley, Florida, people are talking it up about security equipment this month.  We think it’s the tricks, not the treats, that has them worrying.  You see, at the end of October, it will be Halloween.  This is a night of mischief.  Sometimes people take advantage of the experience of wearing a costume to hide their identity and commit a crime.  It’s true.  It may feel like something out of the movies, but it does happen.

Crimes can be small and silly.  You might have somebody throw eggs at your front door or ring your door bell in a little game of ding-dong ditch.  You could also be the victim of vandalism or theft!  That’s the real trick of the evening!  Yikes!  Better buy security equipment and play it safe.

Security Cameras in Medley, Florida

Do you ever have the nightmare that you’re standing in a gas station and somebody comes in with a gun?  Few people have actually faced this reality, but for those who have, that nightmare is even more troubling.  You don’t need to live in fear that your attacker will go on free if you have security cameras in Medley, FL gas stations.  The recorded footage can help authorities catch the perpetrator.

Intercom Systems in Florida

“Come quick!  There’s a problem in the kitchen.  Dad’s not okay!”  No matter what’s the matter with Dad on Halloween, you may have reason to send a quick communication alert to somebody at the other end of the house.  “Hello! Danny.  I need your help.”  That will be sure to make you feel a little safer.

Burglar Alarm Systems in Miami Lakes

In Miami Lakes, Burglar Alarm Systems are quite popular.  People love that they can protect their homes, businesses, and families with security alarm systems that notify the police if a crime occurs on the property.  Even better, they can also call the fire department should a dangerous blaze spark in the middle of the night.  This happened to a woman we know twice in her lifetime.  Buy insurance, folks!

Access Control Systems in Pinecrest

The folks in Pinecrest, FL always have one thing on their mind:  access control systems and the benefits they provide to both residential and commercial settings.  Garage door openers are a type of access control system, believe it or not!  Why not get one with a thumbprint detection capability or at least a PIN.  That way, it won’t be so easy to break into your garage on Halloween!

If you have question, doubts, or concerns, contact the professionals:  POGO Security!

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