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Five Tips on Access Control Systems in Miami Lakes and Pinecrest

access control systems in Miami Lakes

As Miami’s trusted security experts, we are often asked about access control systems in Miami Lakes and Pinecrest.  Today, we will take a gander at the top five tips our professionals share with clients while out on the road.

Access Control Systems Safeguard a Space

Think of a burglar alarm system.  This technology is commonly used to protect a property like a home, business, warehouse, or school.  The system basically says that the property should be locked (armed) and should an unauthorized party enter, the police should be called.

An access control system is similar yet different.  This system protects a space the way a lock keeps a door from opening.  Instead of a key, however, an electronic metric is used to open the space.

For example, key fobs or ID cards can be scanned to grant access to a room or building.  The contraption responsible for the maintenance of such protocol is an access control system.

Access Control Systems come in Many Shapes and Sizes

Burglar alarm systems usually have a PIN. 

Access Control Systems can have a PIN.  They also can operate with an electronic key in the form of FOB or ID card.  They can even operate by using biometrics.  Today’s twenty-first century technology allows us to access spaces with a thumbprint or a scan of our iris.

Is an Access Control System Spy Technology?

Hollywood blockbusters have a funny effect on us.  Not everything is like the silver screen, you know.  Not by a longshot!  However, this particular technology is a little bit like the movies.  You can protect a space with voice activation, iris scans, and finger prints!

The Access Control System is Worth the Cost!

People today are tightening their belts.  They don’t want to spend money without reason.  An access control system reduces risk, which reduces loss, which makes you wealthier.   In other words, an access control system is an investment.

An Access Control System Could Change your Life…

Imagine going on vacation and not worrying about whether your valuable processions are at risk of being stolen.  That is the benefit of security equipment!  You will have peace of mind knowing that your vault is secured.

Today, POGO Security is an expert on access control systems.  Get in touch with us now for more information.

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