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Find Out who is Naughty or Nice with Commercial Security Equipment

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The holiday season is in full swing. And as the song reminds us, Santa Claus is coming to town. He makes a list, and he checks it twice. He is going to find out who is naughty and nice. How many business owners today wish they could do the same? Especially when it comes to the customers and employees on their property.

It is safe to say that as humans, we try to trust one another. In a shopping center, for example, most people are honest. They shop without putting anything in their pockets. Everything with which they walk out of the store has been fairly purchased. But every mall security officer knows that not everybody can be trusted. And although many people think they can identify a thief by his outfit or by her shifty eyes, this simply isn’t true. You never know when someone is going to steal and who the criminal will be. As stated, it could even be one of your own employees!

Santa Claus has holiday magic to remain vigilant. Business owners, especially in the commercial sector, have to rely on something else. To find out who is naughty and who is nice, they have to, to put it bluntly, check the cameras. CCTV, also known as closed-circuit television security equipment, allows business owners to track what happens on their property, for better or for worse.

CCTV involves the strategic placement of recording devices around the premises. These cameras are linked to a digital server (or video tape recorders as in prior generations). The server maintains the footage for future review. Santa would be so lucky to have that kind of access to see the conduct of the kids on his list.  How much could he see if he had security cameras in Miami Lakes?

Businesses can use this equipment to track customer activities during operating hours or monitor employee cash handling. If anything goes wrong, you will know. It will be caught on camera. This is the best way to catch not so nice criminals in the act. If someone attempts to pocket money or your products, you will have the evidence you need to prosecute, or at least confront the culprit.  Santa will be sure to send these guilty parties a lump of coal.

CCTV equipment comes at various price points with different technologies. HD, 360-degree, night vision, and wireless capabilities are all available if you contact a security company that deals with commercial security products.  Santa is coming to town, and hopefully brings some burglar alarm systems in Key BiscayneOr, maybe he’ll bring some Security Cameras to Miami Lakes.

Better not shout. Better not cry. Better call POGO Security to find out more about CCTV security equipment today.

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