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Find out All That Todays Home Automation Can Do for Your Family

Many people are getting excited about the idea of living in a “smart house.”  Recent technology has brought families across America gadgets and applications that are making their everyday life easier than ever.  We have devices in our homes that play music on command.  We can monitor our doors, heating, and even lamps via applications on mobile devices.  We are truly living in a new age: The Age of Home Automation.  In this new era, home automation has gained recent notoriety.  Today’s technology gives access to automate several parts of a home:  electronic gadgets, home theater, shades, lighting, and more.  All of the systems can be integrated into a remote device.

People are choosing to invest in this technology for a variety of reasons.  For example, these features of a home simply make life more enjoyable and comfortable.  Home automation technology also promotes energy efficiency and home security.  Automatic lights and shades can cut costs when it comes to energy bills.  Automated lights can also deter criminals from entering a home as they believe someone to be home as lights turn on at a certain time.  One nice facet of today’s smart home automation technology is that it is available in many forms and at different price points.  Even those operating on a modest budget can incorporate some facet of home automation into their lives.

The following features are available:


This is often where home automation starts for many homeowners.  A centralized security system protects the home and family against crime.  It also is a convenient, everyday tool for parents.  Many mothers and fathers use video surveillance to ensure their children are safe and doing what they are supposed to do when unsupervised.  No more house parties when mom and dad are on vacation!  That would be caught on camera.  That is thanks to the ability to review footage on computers and mobile devices using the internet.


Lighting technology has come a long way.  Home automation gives control back to the consumer.  He chooses when lights are on and off, saving time and money.  Control is available by remote, so lights can be operated in any part of the house.  Lights can even be turned on and off by smart phone.  Imagine being able to turn off the light you realized you left on when you get to work. If you are on vacation, you can turn the lights on now and again so neighbors and onlookers believe someone is home.


Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning can eat up a monthly budget due to inefficient use.  We know that we need less air-conditioning or heat when nobody is home.  In the Miami area especially, HVAC installation is a requirement to keep cool during those hot, humid days.  Yet, air-conditioning can be fully automated to adjust to your family’s schedule.  This saves money and allows your family to be comfortable when returning home after a long day.

POGO Security knows what Home Automation Systems in Florida homes need to remain comfortable and safe.  Home automation comes in all shapes and sizes, so get in touch with us today to learn more about what options may work for you and your budget.

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