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Explore The Manifold Benefits Of A Door Intercom

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An intercom is a communication and monitoring tool used to screen guests at a residence, place of business, apartment, or other establishments. When a visitor knocks on the door, residents can identify them and decide whether to let them in or not.

Benefits of a Door Intercom


You can install a door Intercom system in a nursery to keep an eye on your child’s activities and avoid any unpleasant situations, like a slip or fall. In order to know who is at the doors and grant access as needed, it can also be attached to your office door. This eliminates the need for a 24-hour reception desk. 

Convenience and Cost-Savings

To increase your convenience, a door intercom can be integrated with other hardware or software. For instance, a lock-release system can be connected to a door intercom. Therefore, you can activate the lock-release to open the door for the visitor if you have screened the visitor and decided to grant access. If you want to buy an Intercom system in Miami Lakes, call Pogo Security today!

Door intercoms also make it possible to set the multi-layer security that is required in places like warehouses. To control access at various remote locations from wherever you are, wireless intercoms are used in conjunction with access control systems in this type of setting. There is less need for additional security thanks to this system.


Clear communication within a building is made possible by intercoms, which improves departmental relationships and productivity. Intercoms give any facility a professional air. 

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