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Everything you Want to Know about Security Cameras but are Afraid to Ask

Security cameras in Miami Lakes

How often do this happen to you?  You lock the door, your walk away, and all of the sudden, you cannot stop thinking about safe your home or business really is.  How hard would it be for somebody to break in. even with the door locked?  It can cause some major tension for people.

As much as we would like to be so vigilant that we could always keep one eye on the property, it is impossible to be present twenty-four hours a day.  Instead, we have to trust friends, family, neighbors, or employees to share in the task of keeping a property safe.  And even then, sometimes there is nobody there to do this.  Locks and burglar alarm systems can help, but nothing keeps a watchful eye like that of a security camera.

Security cameras in Miami Lakes can help you keep watch of a property when you are not on the premises.  That means you can breathe easy when you cannot be present yourself.  Installing video camera equipment, also known as closed-circuit television recording, enables you to be able to watch your property, in and around it.  This is useful for a few different reasons.  Inside the home, you can watch your children more carefully.  You can be sure paid help, like a babysitter, nanny, or housekeeper, is doing what they paid to do and nothing else.  You will know who comes to the front door and have a video record of it.

The world of security equipment is expansive, and there are many options available today.  Finding the right CCTV equipment depends on a variety of factors including price point, quality, and desired features.  For example, you may elect to install digital or analog equipment.  You may determine you need color cameras, 360 recording, or night vision.  You might need one camera at a main entrance, or you may want one in almost every room of the house.

To determine what you need, think about what you will be recording and how you want to watch it.  Digital recording requires a server which backs up data for a certain amount of time.  If you need more time, be prepared to make a heftier investment.  Determine the access points and where cameras need to be installed.  Each camera will count in the estimate.  Outdoor surveillance may require weatherproof equipment.  You should also ask if there is mobile access to live or recorded footage via a mobile application.

Today’s security camera equipment can be wireless although wire-based options are still on the market.  Wired cameras can be more time-consuming and expensive to install.  It could be harder to keep such cameras hidden as well.  However, wired cameras can provided a higher quality of footage.

When you are ready to talk home security, call the professionals at POGO Security today.  We are the best in Key Biscayne Burglar Alarm Systems.  A representative will help you select the best security equipment for your Florida home.

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