School and campus security is a top priority for educational institutions. Incidences of bullying, vandalism, weapons on campus, violent acts and other emergencies, have forced educators to rethink the way they handle school security.
That’s why Pogo has developed a security solution for educational institutions that employs the latest advances in technology.  Knowing when someone is loitering at the fence line of a playground, or knowing when people are congregating in restricted areas.
Pogo provides access control experience and services in conjunction with intelligent video solutions designed to know more, know immediately and prevent security and safety issues.  Unlike other providers, we employ around the clock monitors whose sole job is to enable response, provide insight and collaborate with first responders when time is critical.
We help you fulfill your promise of a safe learning environment as a security partner that designs, installs and operates your facility security and access and helps you stay on top of activities of interest in your hallways and on your grounds.
An IP-based access control system from Pogo provides a reliable, scalable, easy to manage and cost-effective access control solution for schools, educational facilities and campuses of all sizes. It supports a large range of readers as well as biometric solutions to meet strict security requirements. Together with video surveillance, this makes it possible to capture and record all access events. Violations automatically trigger an alarm so immediate action can be taken to deal with the situation.