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The gaming industry faces a particularly risky business model apart from if a winner hits the big jackpot.  Casinos are well-known to move a lot of money as players place bets and sit at slot machines.  Even entertainment like shows and dining add complexities to the risk management plans and security needs of casinos.  Luckily, many security solutions ensure the house wins more often than it loses.  Laying all the cards out, several security tools add protection to casinos.  Pogo Security is the one-stop shop for this technology, installed by reliable and friendly service experts.


Video surveillance makes monitoring the casino a safe bet.  Operators know that in the casino environment, everything needs to be securely monitored by people they trust.  Cameras can be set up at strategic places within the building to ensure employees, cash centers, exits, entrances, and customers can be seen at any time.  Any funny business is recorded should the need arise to furnish it for authorities or insurance purposes.  Even damage to property, which might occur in casinos where people drink and get excited or desperate as they play, is better protected under surveillance.  Digital security allows for footage to be backed up for different amounts of time, based on the operators’ needs.  Security footage can be reviewed on remote application for some products.  CCTV security cameras in Florida are a popular option.

The gaming industry combats security breaches in fraud.  It needs to protect the casino, the employees, and the guests as well as its resources and capital.  Games cannot be damaged.  Rowdy clients will be immediately identified in real time for quick and proper removal by your security team.

Access Control Systems

Various parts of the casino require different employee access so that assets are protected at all times.  For example, cash handling offices need to be separately maintained.  Keypad access marks who accesses these sensitive areas and at what times.  This way, if there are ever any inconsistencies, the records can verify who had access to the zone as a certain time.  Video surveillance can support these login credential records so long as the surveillance system captures these access points.Access control systems have various ways to provide access such as identification card, code number, fingerprint, and other biometrics, granting a high level of security to these restricted zones.

Paging Systems

As your security team works together to monitor the well-being of the casino and its constituents, they can use the paging system to address the public if such a need arises.  For example, in Florida, casino operators must always keep an eye on the weather in case of a severe storm.  If a severe storm is approaching, security can take swift action in notifying the public at once.  Other uses such as playing music as a sound system or finding lost parties make this device particularly helpful in every day operations.

Casino security can be difficult to maintain because there is a lot at stake.  However, owners can help increase their odds of safe and smooth operation with the proper investment infull security solutions as offered by Pogo Security.

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