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Do You Have an Up-to-Date Home Security System?

Home Security System

With the number of home burglaries on the rise across the country, it’s critical to have a current home security system. As a result, you can either replace or upgrade your existing alarm system. Above all, you must safeguard your loved ones and valuable possessions from intruders, fires, and other threats.

To determine when to install a new Home Security System in West Palm Beach County or have certain components replaced, take note of these signs when doing an annual home security check.

Hardwired to wireless

Home security systems that are hardwired are typically more vulnerable to security breaches. An intruder can disable the entire home security system by simply cutting a wire. With age, some wiring can become faulty, such as having breaks or bends in the wires, which can affect performance. If you still have a traditional hardwired security system, it’s time to upgrade.

Onsite to remote alarm monitoring

You need an up-to-date home security system with a Burglar Alarm System in West Palm Beach County if you still rely on your neighbors to alert authorities during emergencies when you are not present. By connecting your alarm system to an off-site central hub, this security innovation provides protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

From a low-resolution camera to a powerful device

It’s time to update your devices if the images from your security camera are barely recognizable. You’re probably getting blurry images from your old camera. In short, that camera is of little use to you.

Onsite to offsite monitoring

If your home security systems can only be examined onsite, you need better protection. Keep in mind that, with the advent of advanced technology, criminals are becoming more sophisticated and well-equipped. Install offsite monitoring so you can receive alerts on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop from anywhere.

Software/firmware updates can range from manual to automatic.

It’s critical to keep your security system software up to date as often as possible. If your home security system does not allow for automatic software or firmware upgrades, it’s time to upgrade. Manual updates can be time-consuming and costly. Patches are applied to the system automatically to fix bugs as soon as possible. As a result, you can rest assured that your security system is always safe from attacks.

Transition to home automation

Home automation improves security, reduces energy consumption, and improves your comfort and convenience. As a result, it gives you complete control over your security system and appliances. It connects your devices to a central system that you can access via a smartphone app or from a remote location.

To summarise, invest in a modern home security system. Isn’t it past time to upgrade your security system to one that includes automatic updates to keep your system up to date and protected against vulnerabilities? To learn more, please give us a call at 1800-764-6369 or fill out the contact form.

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