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Different types of access control systems

Different types of access control systems

An access control system is something that holds a significant value in this modern era. Are you wondering why people these days are installing this system? Any business owner or house owner who values security must have installed Access Control System Commercial & Residential for their property. It provides access to authorized people to let in and unauthorized people out in restricted areas on the premises.

Different types of access control will help you to protect your resources differently. So, you must choose as per your preferences, what kind of organization you have, etc. In this article, we have listed types of building-wide systems for you.

Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

DAC puts a little more control into the owner’s hands. That means you can decide how many people have the access to get in the specific location. This discretionary access system is the most flexible one and is least restrictive compared to the other access control systems. It uses access Control List (ACL) and capability tables to check who has permission to enter.

Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

MAC is considered the most secure type of system in the market. This operating system is firmly controlled by owners. Therefore, the settings of this system are already preset by the administrator, so, no one can change the settings during access. Only custodians and owners have the access to enter, but they can not permit anyone to enter the restricted areas. However, it is inflexible and you need to set up the permission of every user in this system.

Role-Based Access Control system (RBAC)

Also known as RBAC is a very common kind of access control system used. This system grants permission to a certain user based on their role in an organization. This helps the organization avoid giving access to high-level information to the employees who have nothing to do with such information.

Attribute Access Control system

This system is a level deeper than the previous types we have mentioned. This system permits users whose attributes are eligible according to the system requirement. By attributes we mean the different components of your user profile. Once the system is set with the eligible attributes then it will only provide access to users with those attributes.

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