For many public and private institutions alike port security, critical infrastructure and public safety initiatives have called for the deployment of a variety of video security technologies. Video security provides the visual images important to improve situation awareness, prevent vandalism, theft or other crime, accelerate response and management decisions, and increase overall public and staff safety.
From bridges to airports, refineries to pipelines, seaports to highways, many have benefited from incorporating Pogo video security equipment in their preparedness plans.
Meeting stringent models for brutal and risky situations, as well as requirements for intelligent security such as digital signature video, system hacker and virus protection, and redundant-performance systems, Pogo provides the most durable and reliable video security equipment available.
With the industry’s broadest and most respected offering of IP cameras and as well as the introduction of the all-new VideoXpert VMS, Pogo  is constantly developing new products and technologies to meet the challenging demands of securing the world’s critical infrastructure.
When used to augment the capabilities of personnel on the floor, video surveillance delivers an accurate picture of what occurred at any given time, allowing security and surveillance managers to achieve high levels of safety while building proactive risk mitigation programs.