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Commercial Vs. Residential Access Control Systems in Florida

commercial and residential access control systems

Access control systems can be a tricky topic.  The handy piece of technology isn’t well understood by many who aren’t privy to the ins and outs of the security equipment technology. 

Yes, it can be tricky, but to help cut through some of the confusion on this topic, we can breakdown your Florida access control system needs into two categories:  residential and commercial.

What is an Access Control System?

Access control systems are devices that help keep a room, building, or area secure.  They work a lot like a good old-fashioned lock and key.

How did our ancestors protect their goods?  They have somebody stand guard.  They trained a dog to attack.  The built traps.  They built motes.  They hid their loot deep inside caves.  They built buildings.  They invented walls, fences, locks, and the like!  We are creative bunch at a species.

Today, we use technology to protect what is ours and shall remain ours, especially with thieves, vandals, and criminals on the loose.  We use commercial and residential access control systems.

An access control system controls access!  You can install a device to lock/unlock a door.  Be creative, here.  You can do this at a gate, a garage, a front door, a backdoor, a storage shed, what have you.

The system maintains the location as locked unless an authorized credential is presented.  This could be a good, a PIN, or an ID card or FOB.  Technology continues to advance, bringing us biometric options as well.

Like a Hollywood movie, you might find access control systems that operate by reading a thumbprint, scanning an iris, or identifying a vocal print.

What is a Residential Access Control System?

Residential access control systems protect your home.  Do you have a room filled with guns and weapons, gold bars, diamonds, rubies, valuable art works, or historical documents?  You don’t want just anybody to wander on into a room like that now, do you?  No!  You need a residential access control system!

What is a Commercial Access Control System?

In Florida cities like Miami Lakes, commercial access control systems are quite popular.  Businesses want to protect their employees and their inventories. The public doesn’t need access to the bank vault nor do they need to see what goes on behind closed doors. 

In Miami, one name stands out from the crowd when you want to buy an access control system:  POGO Security.  We proudly help customers find the right technology for their budget and needs.  We don’t undersell.  We don’t oversell.  We find the home and commercial security technology that is just right!

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