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Commercial Grade Security Systems

Securing your enterprise has many benefits of which the most important is peace of mind. It has taken you many years to get where you are and you understand that you want to provide a safer working environment for your employees and yourself. The added benefit of reduced insurance rates cannot be ignored.

Commercial grade security systems are very specialized systems that are suited to companies with extensive operations that take place in large areas, with many employees and valuable assets.

The functions of a commercial security system:

These can be integrated or standalone but will need to cover every aspect of the security of the enterprise.

  • Access control to the premises, some people might have access to one area only, while others may have access to all.
  • Video surveillance of the buildings, parking area, and perimeter.
  • Alarms for fire, heat, water or entry to the premises.
  • The management of energy consuming systems like HVAC systems, control lighting, powering on or off of manufacturing equipment.
  • Remote management and status alerts.

Setting up the system:

It is critical that the assets of your enterprise are protected fully. Licensed security companies have the knowledge and experience to take you through the whole stage of planning, installing and running the system at its optimum effectiveness.

The ultimate security system for your commercial security will need to include:

Mobile-Enabled Technology

The Internet has enabled us to keep a close watch on our security systems from afar. Security systems offer the ability to monitor them from your smartphone or website portal without the need for any special software.

High Definition (HD) Video

High-megapixel cameras provide high-definition quality video and pictures. These can be played back frame-by-frame or even zoomed and are now even admissible in a court of law as evidence.

Video Notifications

If any of your security systems go off, you can receive a video notification by email or message. There is no need to instantly dispatch the police if it is a false alarm and you will be able to see this from the crystal-clear video.

Ensuring that your commercial grade security system is run correctly:

  • All your key personnel need to know how the security system works and should have all the updated access code information.
  • Have a cellular phone backup system installed onto your alarm systems. This can prove useful in the event that phone lines are down.
  • If you have an existing facility which needs extra systems fitted, wireless might be the solution, reducing the need for routing of wiring through existing walls.
  • False alarms can be stressful and costly, so make sure that the system is maintained regularly. Most alarm systems will warn you when the batteries are getting old, but window contacts can be troublesome if moved while cleaning.

At Pogo Intelligent Security Systems we have over 15 years of experience in providing commercial grade security systems. We work with some of the best product lines in the industry and our technicians are fully licensed and qualified to install and maintain them, always maintaining a professional level of service.

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