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CCTV Surveillance with Night Vision is Amazing Technology

security cameras, commercial and residential

Security cameras, commercial and residential, can offer peace of mind to many different types of people today.

Summer 2020 is here.  It is no secret that with higher temperatures, more people are out.  Sometimes the high temperatures cause tempers to flare or inspire people to commit crimes they might not have committed otherwise.  And when do these crimes often occur?  They often happen at night, under the veil of darkness.  This is a pattern in many classic works like Romeo and Juliet.  The high temperatures set the scene for all of the crazy violence that unfolds in the play.  In Chicago, historically, rates of violence increase with the temperatures, too.  Perhaps it is human nature; maybe it is something else.  We’re not really here to speculate on that.  We are here to avoid risk and reduce the occurrence of problems on properties. 

How can we protect our properties at night?  The short answer is infrared (IR) technology, AKA Night Vision.  In the past, cameras had very limited recording capabilities in the dark.  The only option was to invest in lighting.  There were companies who had to leave some lights on 24 hours a day to ensure that the recording devices would capture what has happening on their property.  In other cases, businesses invested in motion detection lights that turn on when movement is detected.  Then, the camera would be able to capture what was happening.  That wasn’t a perfect remedy, though.  It only worked if lights were on.  During a power outage, even if cameras were on, if the lights did not take, then nothing could be recorded.  It is also easy to cover a light or take a light out with a baseball bat or a few bullets.  Scary but true.  No light, no footage.

Another problem was that night vision capabilities used to be very sophisticated and expensive technology. 

Today, night vision recording is fairly accessible.  The cameras offer an option that uses the technology when there is no light.  This can be useful because it can capture footage without necessarily alerting those being recorded. 

One problem is that this technology still records in black and white, so the capabilities are limited.  However, the technology is growing and advancing every day.  What used to be military-grade technology is now available to today’s average homeowner.  In fact, if you invested in technology even ten years ago, you should give a security professional a call to see what’s new!

In the complicated field of security cameras, commercial and residential, in Florida, it isn’t hard to find yourself overwhelmed by all of the options that exist in the market.  If you want to learn more about night vision options, give a professional a call.

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