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CCTV Security Camera Equipment Protects Local Schools

CCTV security cameras

Now that the kids are back to school, parents worry about security threats posed to schools, teachers, and administrators, parents and children.  Meanwhile, school administrators worry about how to protect their districts and how to secure their buildings.  In recent years, schools have increased security measures to keep students safe.  Schools have begun to limit access to the building.  They now use just one main point of entry, usually by a main office where it can be easily monitored.  Doors are locked until school staff verifies that the outsider does not seem to pose a threat.  Today’s schools also demand a form of identification when someone enters the building.  School offices have been known to keep this ID until the person leaves.  Other security plans involve professional development for school staff.  For example, teachers and staff practice safety scenarios. On the other hand, students complete several drills.  Another security resource a school may use today is a security guard.  All of the measures show that safety remains a concern.

Schools can use several security measures to protect students and teachers such as CCTV systems and security lights.

Using security camera (CCTV) systems can stop would-be vandals.  There is video evidence if someone commits vandalism, and the presence of the equipment may be enough to dissuade someone from even attempting it.  When staff is thinking about purchasing a CCTV system, they should realize that partial CCTV coverage provides only so much protection.  Criminals and vandals are well aware of these systems and know how to avoid recording devices if not adequately installed.  CCTV security cameras require sufficient lighting to adequately record the halls, offices, and classrooms.

Of course, CCTV security camera is an investment, so it is best to buy the best possible quality.  Decent equipment can be used for a long time; lower grade equipment doesn’t stand the test of time so well.  If administrators install a CCTV system, they should announce it at various points as to deter criminals.  Staff should likewise revise privacy policies to set protocol they can explain to family and staff.

Many CCTV security camera systems require security lighting.  Automatic lighting in and around the school’s halls and classrooms can turn on lights using timers and motion detection.  Not only do automatic lights reduce energy bills but when used with camera systems, the cameras can record the areas better when they are well-lit.  Automatic lights can indicate to others that a peson is inside the school if parts of the building are illuminated when they should not be.  This helps police or security keep watch of the building.  If the lights in the school are turning on at strange hours, neighbors and citizens may realize someone is inside and call the police.

It is important that students and staff should feel secure in their schoolsCCTV Security Camera Technology can assist in creating a more secure environment.  Schools hoping to maintain security in their buildings should contact Pogo Security today to find out what options are available.

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