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Burglary Statistics Remind Floridians Why Security Equipment is Important

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The FBI’s website states that “In 2017, there were an estimated 1,401,840 burglaries.”  Across the United States, law enforcement is attempting to curb both criminal violence as well as theft.  Both problems are serious in the eyes of the government.  As police departments on local, state, and federal levels work together to prevent crime, individuals can likewise take steps to protect their families and businesses.

In a prior post, we shared some facts and figures from a 2017 FBI Report:

  • An estimated 18.2 percent of property crimes are break-ins for theft
  • 5 percent of thefts were done with forcible entry
  • 2 percent consisted of unlawful entries
  • 3 percent had evidence of an attempt at forced entry
  • $2,416 was the average total of funds lost per theft
  • Home break-ins occurred often; 62.7 percent of burglary offenses occurred at a residence

We like to imagine we leave in a world where crime does not happen.  Although this makes us happier on a day-to-day basis, it does not leave us prepared for when crime does happen.  In worse cases, it does not even leave us motivated to prevent crime before it occurs.  There are small steps people can take to reduce their risk of being a victim of theft or other crime.  Whereas many people think twice to lock their door or to avoid walking alone in the dark in a dangerous neighborhood, not many think to install a burglar alarm system or CCTV camera security packages for their home.

Burglar alarm systems protect people and their property.  Homeowners know that protecting their property is important, but protecting their family members is pinnacle.  Stolen property like televisions, radios, and jewelry has monetary value.  However, a human can never be replaced.  To protect both assets, homeowners should install burglar alarm systems.  This technology can be wired into police department dispatch centers so that if the alarm is triggered, law enforcement officials are quickly directed to the scene.  This can help in the apprehension of criminals or in sending help to victims in distress.  The same equipment can be linked to the fire detection system in a home to signal when a fire may be occurring.  When the smoke detector sounds, the fire department is notified.  That ensures the home is safer when its occupants are not inside or sleeping.

Today’s burglar alarm systems reduce risk.  Florida homeowners from West Palm Beach to Miami Lakes need to serious consider installing burglar alarm systems and security systems to safeguard their homes and families.

Pogo Security knows the risk of property ownership in Florida.  That is why we take great pride in our burglar alarms and other security products.  To learn more, get in touch today.

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