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Burglar and Fire Alarm Services Reduce Risk for Private Property

Successful business owners know that an important part of running a sustainable firm is reducing risk wherever possible.  There are many ways to reduce risk such as obtaining insurance, hiring wisely, and ensuring contracts have language that protect the business.  First-aid equipment, proper training, and a thorough strategic plan reduce business risk as well.  However, one tool in particular is a great risk management component:  Burglar and Fire Alarm Systems.

Burglar and Fire Alarm Systems reduce risk related to theft and fire.  Here are several benefits of installing burglar alarm systems for Florida businesses.

  1. Deters Crime
    Alarm systems are all designed with the same reason in mind, to keep burglars, thieves, and criminals from entering the property. Apart from securing the property with access control systems, or at least a sturdy lock, what can a business to do keep out intruders?  They can hire 24/7 security guards which can be quite pricey.  A more affordable route, they can install 24/7 security tools in burglar alarm systems.  When a thief attempts to enter a property, one of two things will happen depending on the type of alarm that has been installed.  Some alarms sound to draw attention to the property, scaring away criminals.  More advanced systems alert the police department so that authorities quickly arrive on the scene.
  2. Reduce the Cost of Insurance
    Insurance policies concern themselves with the amount of risk a business has. For example, insurance may cost more for companies selling expensive equipment.  One way to reduce insurance payments is to increase the amount of protection the business has.  When business owners decide to install a burglar alarm system or a fire system in West Palm Beach County, they should contact their insurance company to ask if a discount can be applied.  These discounts add up, and significant money can be saved in the course of a year.
  3. Protect Businesses from Fire
    A fire can be the end of a business. When a fire strikes when people are present, somebody will most likely call 911 to alert the fire department.   However, when nobody is on site, in the middle of the night for example, who will make the call to 911 if a fire starts?  By time neighbors or onlookers determine there is a fire, it may be too late.  Avoid this risk by installing a burglar alarm that connects to the fire protection system.  If the alarm sounds, the fire department receives a notification and promptly arrives on the scene.

These benefits ensure that a business is better protected.  This level of protection is generally worth the cost of the initial investment.  Businesses requiring burglar and fire alarm systems and protection in Miami-Dade County are encouraged to schedule an appointment with POGO Security at their earliest convenience to determine what security options will be best for their facility.


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