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Burglar Alarm Systems Protect Families through Rapid Notification to Authorities

Burglar alarm systems

In dangerous situations, every second counts.  When fire breaks out, there is only a limited amount of time to escape and for firefighters to arrive to control the blaze.  Sometimes, if the fire protection services do not arrive in a timely fashion, it can become impossible to salvage the burning building – or provide needed medical care to those in need.  Burglar alarm systems can notify the fire department of an incident the moment smoke detectors sound.  In record time, the fire department can arrive to the scene to save lives and as much property as possible.

Miami businesses know that risk management is an important part of a business plan.  Adequate risk management diminishes the chances of something bad happening or, at least, minimizes the impact of unforeseen, catastrophic events.  The installation of a burglar alarm system is a worthwhile investment when it comes to protecting both commercial and residential properties.  These systems alert anybody on the premises of threats of problems.

Unauthorized EntryBurglar alarm systems protect homes and businesses from unauthorized entry.  When the property is armed, the alarm system requires a credential to permit access – a pin, a finger print, or another biometric standard.  If the alarm cannot be disabled, it makes noise to let those on the property know there is an issue.  This noise can alert security in a business.  It can also wake up sleeping family members in a home.  If the alarm is set up to notify the local authorities, then police will be called to investigate the scene.  Some companies also offer notification by email, text message, or phone so that managers or owners can be aware of the occurrence.  Even if somebody has access to a property, but they enter at a questionable hour, the owner can take action after reviewing a log of who disarmed the system and when, with certain models.

Reporting to the Local Police Department:  In some jurisdictions, it is possible to link the burglar alarm system to the local police department.  In other cases, the security provider is notified and then notifies the owner and the police.  In both cases, faster response time by the authorities mean it is more likely a criminal can be apprehended in the act.

Notification to the Fire Department:  Burglar alarm systems can be set to notified the local fire protection district if the smoke detectors or fire alarms are activated on the premises.  This ensures a prompt arrival of firefighters and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in the event of a fire.  If the alarm sounds, the people on the premises can focus on evacuation.  If nobody is on the premises, owners can rest assured the proper care will be dispatched as soon as the alarm sounds, minimizing the potential damage the building may face.

Today’s burglar alarm systems provide a variety of options to keep buildings safe.  Burglar alarm systems are a useful tool for any home or business in Florida, and Pogo security is happy to help find the right system for your needs. Contact us today for a consultation.

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