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Burglar Alarm Systems can use Remote Signaling to Contact Fire Departments

What many people don’t realize about burglar alarm services is that they aren’t just flashing lights and buzzers going off until people take notice. Whether for a home or business, residential or commercial, today’s new burglar alarm systems can be connected to fire districts and police departments, notifying the emergency service providers of an incident should one occur on your property.

Burglar alarm systems generally come in two forms in Florida: Remote Signaling and Audible Alarms. Remote Signaling describes a type of product that sends a signal to a “Remote Location.” The most common locations are the fire station and the police department. If the alarm is triggered, indicating an unauthorized intruder has entered the home or business, then the system sends a signal to notify the local authorities. Some systems also notify the owner via phone, email, application, or text message. Authorities will be sent to the property to investigate if necessary. This increases the chances of criminals changing their mind about the crime once they know an alarm has sounded. In other cases, the police may arrive before the offenders finish committing the crime, adding a layer of security to your business.

The second type of alarm system is known as an audible alarm. These are the more basic, traditional types of alarms that notify everyone within a short distance of its activation via a loud audio alarm and possibly flashing lights. Although it sounds like something out of Hollywood, for some circumstances, this type of alarm does the job. We recommend a combination of these efforts to better protect properties.

Burglar alarm systems can use remote signaling to contact fire departments through a connection to smoke detectors. If a smoke detector is activated, the alarm will sound as would any other, notifying the building occupants of the danger of remaining inside the building. The added benefit of the alarm with a fire protection connection is that it also sends the signal to the fire department that something is happening at the alarm site, spurring the firemen into action as they arrive quickly to your exact location.

An important note to make about remote signaling is that this option is subject to local availability. Not all departments or locations have the capacity, at this time, to host such alarm systems. The benefit of working with POGO security is that we are experts in our local community, and we will take the necessary steps to connect your burglar alarm system to the police and fire departments if available. If not, we will help you find another burglar alarm system product that works for you and your budget.

POGO Security is proud to be the expert you to need to make your home or business safer. Call us today to see what burglar system alarm options are available for your area.

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