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Benefits of low voltage integration

Introduction: What are Low Voltage Systems?

Low voltage equipment is any equipment that uses fifty voltage of electricity or less. Low voltage equipment typically uses 12v, 24v or 48v.

A low voltage system is a system that is constructed based on pieces of equipment that use low voltage. Some examples of low voltage systems include the alarm systems, the access control systems, the lighting system, the surveillance system, intercom system, among others.

Low voltage systems are used in residential and commercial buildings, and they are majorly security, communication, and home automation systems. Low voltage systems have a lot of advantages to home and office owners.

What is low voltage integration?

Low voltage integration is an attempt to bring together these various low voltage systems into one integrated system.

So instead of the surveillance system working independently of the alarm systems or the paging system working independently of the intercom system; these systems are integrated into one comprehensive system. As a result, they can be controlled remotely from one single device or computer.

Some of the systems integrated into low voltage integration include communication systems like intercom systems and paging system; security systems like surveillance system, access control system, alarm systems; lighting system, among others. Low voltage integration also exists in residential buildings. Different smart systems in the home like the smart thermostat, the smart door, and the smart lighting systems can also be integrated.

Benefits of Low Voltage Integration

Low Voltage Integration provides certain benefits to homeowners and business enterprises compared to independent, non-integrated systems.

Cost Benefits

An integrated system means that certain infrastructures purchased can be used for multiple systems rather than a single system. The cost of an integrated system is lower than the accumulated cost of individual systems. Some infrastructure cost will no longer be incurred on some systems since they are paid for on other systems and they provide ongoing benefits.

Therefore, an integrated system can save a lot of unnecessary infrastructure cost. Labor cost and maintenance cost also reduces with an integrated system. Cumulatively, there is a lot of cost savings.


Low voltage integration means more efficient uses of resources. The benefit per resource increases and the benefit to cost ratio increases. Also, an integrated system is easier to operate with fewer personnel, complications and maintenance cost. In the case of glitches, the system can be more quickly brought back to full functionality.


Cost savings and efficiency will lead to a more productive environment. Less independent infrastructure is required. Less space is used up, and revenue per square meter increases. Workers are more focused on core business functions rather than operating independent low voltage systems.

Low voltage integration provides many benefits to any organization.



Getting started with low voltage integration involves the use of a reputable and experienced organization that can set it up in the most efficient manner.

We are your one-stop solution for low voltage integration in your homes and offices. We provide customized low voltage integration for all kinds of low voltage systems in all kinds of business environment.

We assure you the highest level of professionalism and excellent service delivery when you work with us.

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