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At-Risk Hospitality Facilities like Casinos and Hotels Need Extensive CCTV Systems

CCTV Technology for Hospitality Facilities

It’s no secret that large facilities in the hospitality industry work hard to keep their guests, and their property, safe from harm.  Although the world is unpredictable, increasing the steps taken to prevent risk gives peace of mind and reduces the chances of something bad happening on the premises.  In the world of hospitality, where guests expect to have a fun time in a safe place, this is especially important.  Two members of this industry in particular need to pay close attention to their security operations and often utilize an array of security tools such as security guards, Closed-circuit television video surveillance security systems, and emergency action plans.  Of these, CCTV is one that requires an investment in technology and equipment to facilitate a better operations process.

Miami Lakes commercial and business property managers know that 24/7 surveillance is the key to strong security operation, especially when it comes to utilizing closed-circuit television monitoring.  Although it may seem obvious to some, hotels and casinos need this equipment to main safety at all times.  These businesses can spare no expense is protecting their guests and property.


A hotel needs CCTV security systems because guests equally demand security and privacy.  They want to feel like the hotel is secure, as they often are traveling in new cities and worry about their belongings while outside of the room.  Yet, the guests also want privacy while in their rooms – almost nobody enjoys beings watched while sleeping or in the bathroom.  A security solutions consultant can help determine which equipment provides both security and privacy to hotel guests.  For example, security cameras should be installed in such a way that there is surveillance in the halls but not direct footage of what goes on in somebody’s room.  Popular places to install security cameras, at least in Miami-Dade, include the entrance, the front desk, public areas like lobbies and pools, and the halls where people roam freely.  Camera options comes in many forms.  Advanced systems offer zoom, night vision, and 360-degree recording capabilities.  Installing or  package using CCTV provides a sense of well-being for employees and guests alike.


Another place that can benefit from the most advanced CCTV technology is a casino.  With the larges amount of people in a place that is usually open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, there is a lot to oversee.  Casinos bring in people from all walks of life.  They then add alcohol and cash into the mix.  Usually a recipe for fun, it can also spell out disaster if security does not adequately do its job.  To make sure the facility is under control, managers and owners should ensure their CCTV security package is up-to-date.  CCTV technology has advanced over the past decade, so casinos should ensure their systems offer the features they need.  For example, night vision provides surveillance in the dark.  Zoom and 360-degree recording features allow for a wider access to surveillance, eliminating blind spots.  Owners can even choose to upgrade the package to allow for more data storage so that more hours of footage are available on secure computer servers.

In both casinos and hotels, employees, guests, strangers, and contractors can pose a threat at any time.  Although the chances of disaster are low, the occurrence of one can be catastrophic.  By installing high-quality CCTV security systems, video surveillance minimizes the occurrence and impact of dangerous events.  To get started, book a consultation with a security expert at Pogo Security today.

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