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Access Control Systems in Florida on October 30, 1982.

access control systems

Access control systems actually start to make a lot more sense around Halloween when all the tricksters (and thieves) are afoot.  It’s called a day of mischief for a reason.  Don’t leave yourself unprotected.

This is a type of scary story.  Those are who sensitive to this type of content should move onto another blog.  There are plenty to enjoy.  This is just a little access control system fun, but it does get involve some scary content.

There once was a business that didn’t have access control systems.  This business was in Miami Lakes, FL.  The business wasn’t a particularly obvious facility.  It looks like the kind of place where you would visit an affordable therapist or have teeth pulled.   It unfolded into something big, empty, corporate, unintelligible, and yet, a particular detail caught one mysterious man’s eye one fall day.

An unassuming fellow sat in the hall waiting to be called to the receptionist’s window; he was only pretending to read the newspaper.  The date at the top, almost peeling off the corner of the yellowing paper:  October 30, 1982.

He thought about the atrium. Earth has shifted in its tilt by a whole season.  The soil at his feet felt a bit off-balance.  Ever since he had read his horoscope in that paper.  The stars had floated further away the night prior.  The sun feels like it is burning his retinas at a new angle- an angle that occurs on exactly October 30, 1982. 

In Pinecrest, FL, the air might have smelled damp.  Like it was raining, or it was going to rain, or maybe it had rained in the morning, but the scent of the grass lingers on, confusing you as to the time of day and perhaps the season all at once.  It is a detail that the man might or might not have recalled years later.

The Access Control System that Wasn’t.

Today, we use commercial and residential access control systems in so many places.  From schools and nurseries, to government offices, even corporations use them to protect their employees and their bottom line.  It was the 1980s, though, a simpler time didn’t call for such security measures. 

Before the dust that filtered through the atrium, there was the suit was who is watching people grab doorknobs with a secure confidence that these portals were already unlocked.  There is no hesitation, no twitch of the hand, just to see if it will really open this time.  He continued making observations.  …That confidence that doors open for you, with just the touch of the hand, is something that caries people through life… He looked down at his watch.  He realized Halloween was the next day and that he should like to play a trick on the people who work in this building… and with good reason. 


The next day, with a ski mask, a black turtleneck, and a little bag with a dollar sign on it, he jiggled the door and gave the receptionist quite a scare!  He said, “Hi, I’m here to sell you an access control system.  Security equipment is on sale as of today, October 31, 1982!”

This story reminded us of POGO Security, the Pinecrest, FL source for Access Control Systems!

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