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A Very Brief Guide to Buying Security Cameras in 2020

Security Cameras in Medley, FL

When it comes to buying security cameras in Medley, Florida, people sure do have a lot of questions.  As security professionals, we love it.  We have no problem at all explaining the ins and outs of home security equipment such as security cameras, burglar alarm systems, access control systems, and more.  You know something else?  We like talking shop with business and organizational leaders, too.  In today’s world, security is a necessity.  Everybody needs to protect what matters most to them. 

Did you come here today to hear about our security-based philosophy or to learn about Security Cameras in Medley, FL!?  Yeah, that’s what we thought! By the way, if you’re here for information on Miami Lakes Security Cameras, this information applies to you, too. 

What is CCTV?

CCTV (closed-circuit television) surveillance systems are practical.  They are affordable (depending on features and budget).  They are super stealthy (depending on features and budget).   They can record your front door so you now who is ringing your doorbell.  They can record an entire salesfloor in a big box retailer.  They keep surveillance records at public places like in bus depots, libraries, schools, houses of worship, and more.  There really are few places that cannot benefit from the security provide by CCTV.

How does CCTV work?

The system is like a TV channel that only records what happens in a designated area.  For example, if you want to always know what’s going on in your driveway, you can review footage.  When you go with digital equipment, you may be able to review the footage remotely.  This feature is quite popular with parents who want to know when their kids are coming home (and with whom).  It also is handy for homeowners who have multiple properties.  If you have a lake house, you may need CCTV.  This way, you always know what’s going on, even when you can’t be there in person.  It’s just an added layer of security.

Is digital CCTV the answer?

Not always.  Digital CCTV security systems have certainly come a long way in the past few decades.  There are HD systems.  There are wide angle systems.  There are even systems that allow you to use infrared technology to see in the dark.  Some companies use thermal imaging to see if somebody entering a space is running a fever, which is so important these days as people are worried about health. 

Then again, sometimes the old standby of analogue technology is the way to go.  Perhaps you have heard about digital systems getting hacked.  Most of the time, hacked systems are not installed by professionals.  That being said, it is virtually impossible to hack an analogue system because it isn’t hooked up to any internet connection.  This could be great for a place like a bank.  No hackers!

Looking for more information?  Write us at POGO Security.  We can guide you in your search for home security equipment like CCTV cameras in Miami Lakes.

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