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5 Common Myths About Security Cameras

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There are numerous pieces of misinformation online about security cameras. Therefore, we have decided to dispel five of the security camera myths that are most frequently spread.

Myth #1: all cameras are created equal.

When it comes to Security Cameras Miami Lakes, as with so many other things in life, you get what you pay for. Generally speaking, the higher the camera quality, the fewer cameras you’ll need to install.

Myth #2: All images are captured by cameras

One myth that so many people really don’t understand is this one. People frequently exaggerate the amount of video a security camera can capture.

It’s crucial to realize that cameras lack peripheral vision and can only capture a finite amount of footage depending on a variety of variables that are active at any given time.

Myth #3 – wireless cameras are entirely wireless.

Contrary to popular belief, wireless cameras are not completely wireless (they do need power!). They have their uses and purposes.

Myth #4 – full-zoom recordings are made by zoom lens cameras.

Many people who are used to watching their favorite movies and TV shows are really let down by this one: zoom lens cameras do not record complete images when zoomed in.

Myth #5 Cameras don’t need lighting

All cameras require light for color, it’s a fact. There is no getting around the fact that at night, the majority of high-quality security cameras will automatically switch to black and white.

In order to find the best solution that gives you peace of mind, our team at Pogo Security consults with you. It’s crucial to approach security holistically, which means that an alarm or security camera by itself won’t offer you, your family, and/or your business the best security solution.

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